Inside El Chapo’s wife’s harsh, prison-bound life

Cover picture for the articleWhen Emma Coronel Aispuro was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday, El Chapo’s wife begged a federal court judge to consider her 10-year-old twin daughters with the imprisoned drug-cartel leader. “They are already growing up without the presence of one of their parents,” the 32-year-old brunette told Rudoph...

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☝DEFINITELY NOT ATTRACTIVE..Personally, I'm STILL trying to figure out what beauty contest in HELL she supposably 🚫👑won..I see better looking regular women everyday..If she was the best looking the contest had to offer, I can only imagine what the others looked like..

Paula Roberts

SHE LOVED THE LIFE!!!! I GUESS SHES IN JAIL FOR "BEING HIS WIFE"!!!...doesn't make sense!.....I didn't read where she was arrested for complicit wrongdoing ...!!!.

Joseph Medeiros

Well whatever the reason she is in jail for , she should have thought about her children and thought about the lifestyle she has chosen. Let’s see when she gets out and see what kinda lifestyle she chose for her children. Let’s see if she goes away from the cartel lifestyle and just chooses to raise her children with a ordinary life.


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