Former Netflix Employee Wants Dave Chappelle to Donate Cash to Trans Charity

Daily Beast

Cover picture for the articleOne week after dropping her labor complaint against Netflix, the transgender woman who announced her resignation on Nov. 22 is speaking out about her experience, her future plans, and about a direct challenge she’s issued to comedian Dave Chappelle. Terra Field is a systems engineer based in the San...

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Flip Green

Dave Chappelle should tell the alphabet community to go shit in their hat. I’m not homo/transphobic, but the whole barrage of their crap is getting tiresome. Go live your lives, and leave the rest of us alone.

Robert Cox

Fine, you’re all out of the closet; but not everyone wants to be in on it. We don’t want to see your shining new clothes or imagine how flat your new labia is. Go live your lives, create community; there’s your support. Become just another face amongst millions.

Chuppa Doo

I don’t have a problem with transgender people. Be who you want to be and be happy. But you need to recognize that everyone is not going to like you, just like every single person on this planet is not liked by everyone else. If you don’t like that, too freaking bad. If you think your favorite charity or organization needs more money, then get off your ass, go make some money and give it to them. Don’t be trying to pressure someone that you damned well know doesn’t like you into to giving money because you’re a loser and don’t have any.


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