LeBron James Complains About Improper Mask Wearing At His Kid's Basketball Game: "I'm Sorry But I'm At My Boy's Game And The Mask Underneath The Chin Makes Zero Sense To Me."

Cover picture for the articleThe COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single aspect of the world over the last year, and that extends to the NBA world as well. NBA players had to go into a bubble to play to finish the 2019-20 season, and vaccination for the virus has been widely encouraged across the league...

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Mayor of Hell

Funny thing is that the mask worn underneath the chin is exactly as useful as when it is worn properly and it is exactly as useful as our government !!!


anybody listening to this clown or his out of touch opinions makes no sense to me or anyone else either. can't wait for this guy to get too old so he can sink into oblivion and be forgotten. Many people are waiting patiently for him to fall off the face of the earth and out of the spotlight so we don't have to listen to his self glorifying garbage anymore.

N Damus

Has he made any remarks or comments about the blacks that shot and killed a store worker who said something about not wearing a mask? Nah, radio silence when it comes to that from LeBronica.


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