Is Triple H's health more serious than expected?

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In recent weeks, there has been a great absence from WWE televisions and backstage, with the COO of the company, as well as a multiple world champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Triple H having to be absent entirely due to a serious heart problem. that has gripped him...

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Scott Hallberg

Step back and take a long look at what your father in law has done to so many before you HHH. Your trying to hard to impress Vince with all the Steroid use. Now your at risk of leaving you girls father less from heart issues from the Roids. God speed on your recovery but do some soul searching. Was all the money and fame worth your life? I think not.

Joseph Lewis

TRIPLE H! I and my son have watched and followed you from the King day to the present! You're great! Good or Bad guy! If the job or show is killing you. Wake up! Remember the wife and family. Live for THEM not NOT FATHER IN LAW OR THE BOSS.

Poetic Gangsta

HONESTLY i think his heart issues are to due to steroids use in his prime. I've heard many stories.


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