Autopsy report shows former Channel 8 anchor Lisa Schaffner died from a kidney infection

Cover picture for the articleLisa Schaffner, the former WRIC-TV news anchor and community advocate, died in August from a kidney infection stemming from a urinary tract infection. An autopsy report by doctors at VCU Health stated that she died from an “acute bacterial pyelonephritis with abscess formation” in the right kidney, according to her daughter...

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Mary Wilson

My mom died from an undiagnosed UTI that went into Sepsis. Those infections can be VERY serious. Always get things checked out.

Mary Wilson

Going through comments. Why do so many people want to Blame Covid? Death is the result of many sicknesses... diseases and accidents. Geez people.

Cheryl Warren

He died after having had his left arm removed etc 26 days later. He'd beaten Sepsis, but then had a massive stroke. His last words to me at the 1st hospital when I asked if he knew who I was, were, "I don't know, you tell me." He passed 6 days before our Wedding Anniversary...he'd just turned 60. We'd been together 33 yrs. He was a Chef all his adult working life & he never would have believed a small cut in his finger would have led to his death. His left arm & part of his chest was removed & continuously debreeded, which is surgery for cleaning. The pain so bad, he was being given Fentynol in the hospital along with other pain meds. Sepsis is a horrific infection that doesn't respond very well to antibiotics & a huge percentage of those who get it, succumb to it.


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