Government shutdown averted after Ted Cruz blasts ‘pissant’ Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate

Dallas News

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — Congress struck a deal Thursday night to keep the government open through February, after overcoming a threat from Sen. Ted Cruz and a few allies to force a shutdown unless funds for a vaccine mandate were cut off. Federal courts have blocked the mandate, which is aimed...

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Dave Dupont

Ted Cruz go live in Cancun 90000 deaths your state 250 people died. no power or gas people getting high gas bills what did you do run to Cancun your wife told friends you were going only care about trump made fun of your wife's looks you not a man you a mouse

dawn osburn

Ted Cruz is anti-life. Him and his death cult should focus on the problems his own state. How'd Texas energy grid. Between covid deaths and deaths from a failing power grid, you notice definitely can not be pro life and anti-vax, anti anything that prevents death. So cancun Cruz should sit at the kiddies table and let grown-ups do their jobs.


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