'Immune imprinting' by different SARS-CoV-2 spike sequences from variants, vaccines means we now have diverse patterns


Cover picture for the articleNew research shows that the first SARS-CoV-2 spike protein a person encounters, be it by vaccination or infection, shapes their subsequent immune response against current and future variants. That is, it imparts different properties that have an impact on the immune system's ability to protect against variants, and also affects the...

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This is ridiculous! The body has the capability to do what the vaccine is intended to do. My body responsed in less than a month by developing 3x the original amount of antibodies. Stop scaring people like they need this in order to live. I said before and I'll say it again, the vaccine is right for some not all.

Foe Brandon

Search YouTube TWiV 615 and skip to 28:10 where it should seem familiar. The interview you will be watching was done December 9th 2019 with former president of EcoHealth Peter Daszak, currently a WHO inspector. Prior to that in Oct. 2019 China a purchased a record amount of PCR tests. Before thar Bill Gates and friends did a tabletop simulation called Event 201, earlier in October 2019. 4 years before that in 2015 labs in China worked on SCH014 and managed, using some funds from the NIH, to have it jump to humans. The reason they had to work with China was due to a voluntary moritorium on working with Sars viruses that had nations patenting them for over a decade. Using Duck Duck Go or Google can help. In 2005 it was suggested that trying to make Sars vaccines would result in what we're seeing now with sll of these variants.

Jack Thompson

Another article looking for “research” to support more shots. The correct interpretation is that the clot shot makes you more vulnerable to future exposure to the real thing.


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