'90 Day Fiancé's Jenny and Sumit on Married Life and His Parents' Reaction to Their Secret Wedding (Exclusive)

Cover picture for the article90 Day Fiancé stars Jenny and Sumit are living their best married lives. ET's Melicia Johnson spoke with the newlyweds after the couple tied the knot in India on the season 3 finale of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and they talked about how their marriage is going four months...

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Deborah bouregba

sorry to say the stories got old a long time ago she should have packed her bag years ago and went back to America and forgot about this dude

Happy cat

Without Sumits parents approval, acceptance and having Jenny included in family gatherings this marriage will never last. And I suspect that is exactly what will happen.

Pat Woods

Telling his parents may be a risky situation for Jenny. I hope the show stays and films them for a while. It's proven they do not value woman in India. Especially when they do not the woman. If they do it to their own its will be easier on a foreigner. Sumit should know this knowing that his mother is not the most religious person. I do not trust his mother nor do I like her. She is a snake. She does not have to like Jenny but she should at least respect her as her sons wife. No they will not include Jenny in family gatherings and Sumit should stand by his wife and not attend them either. That way his mother will not be embarrassed of her daughter in law.


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