Dow Jones Rallies; Mitch McConnell Makes This Shutdown Pledge; Warren Buffett Stock Rockets

Investor's Business Daily

Cover picture for the articleThe Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied as small caps surged. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made a pledge after Congress struck a late deal to avert a government shutdown. Boeing (BA) took flight on China news, while Apple (AAPL) lagged amid reports of slowing demand. Warren Buffett stock Snowflake (SNOW) rocketed...

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Timothy Houle

Good idea Mitch !! Let all the Party members who participated in the Insurrection, fend for themselves ... No need for the rest of you to hold the economic hostage.... Na na na na, kiss them goodbye !!

Red Man

I remember when Trump claimed that if he wasn't reelected the stock market would tank. The real truth is that between February 1 2020 and April 15 2020 stock market traders lost over 12 TRILLION dollars under trump.

me G

the only thing Mitch is worried about is his money in the stock market not the American people or anything else we should let this a country collapse to save this country! they will not be able to get their communist agenda done with out credit!


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