The Queen's Christmas Photo Display Reportedly Upset Prince Harry

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Cover picture for the articleBack in 2019, the queen announced her annual Christmas address via a cozy photo on Instagram, which showcased a display of family portraits that included Prince William and Kate Middleton and their family, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, and, in a glaringly obvious slight, no Prince Harry or Meghan Markle....

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Sally Martinez

HE bailed and him and has wife have lied about this family and have refused to let her see her grandchildren, The Queen hasn't even met her granddaughter yet and HE IS BUTT HURT? This was what Harry & Nutmeg wanted, to be private citizens.

Kim Sonn

to be perfectly honest I'm sick of that Harry and Megan complaining they made their choices Harry always knew that he was second he would never be first that he would always be second he's just jealous and he hasn't come to terms with it yet so he's taking out his natural human feelings on the whole royal family because he can't come to terms with reality he is not the next in line to be Prince and never will be grow up

best is yet to come

Don’t blame her one bit. Also not depicted with photos is her other son Prince Andrew - of course we know why. ACTUALLY SHE USED PHOTOS THAT EXTEND THE ROYAL FAMILY IN THE FUTURE.


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