‘The Little Couple’ Zoey Klein In Hospital: See Why

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Zoey Klein of The Little Couple was in the hospital recently according to her mother Jen Arnold. What happened that caused the young TLC star to be hospitalized? Fortunately, her mother was kind enough to share all of the details on Zoey Klein’s health. She even included a slideshow with some...

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matilda Calderon

I really miss this show. I've watched the children grow up. I hope they do come back for more seasons but if they don't I will understand. It was really nice for Mrs. Jennifer Klein to inform us on her daughter Zoey. I really hope she gets better with her sleep. How is Will doing too. we can't forget about the man of the house. Mr. Bill Klein. I hope you guys are doing well. Have a great Christmas and a new year.

Sondra Johnson

I have found the life path of these two children utterly fascinating. Without adoption it was unlikely either would have lived. It is a testament to the parallels non-standard children face when born in more impoverished countries. Look at Jen herself, she is a highly respected physician today for one, showing what would have been sadly wasted without the support of a first world society. I appreciate Jen and Bill's decision to document their life path and then the children's. Many people's education on the family's issues have helped all the other similarly challenged.

Patty Broyles

God bless y’all. Zoey has grown up so much since I saw her last on the show. Wish y’all would come back on.


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