Raiders broadcaster Brent Musburger blasts NFL over Jon Gruden situation


Cover picture for the articleJon Gruden recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL over his leaked email scandal, and one legendary broadcaster seems to think the former Las Vegas Raiders coach had a strong case. Brent Musburger, the former voice of college football who now does radio calls for the Raiders, shared some...

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Greg Tyler

Still don't understand why there isn't an investigation into ESPN. A good deal of these emails were sent while he was employed there. Do you think he didn't share a joke or picture with any people at the WOKE letter? The NFL won't investigate this though. Not with a company paying a billion dollars to broadcast games. and another billion to broadcast the draft. Not a fan of any witch hunt but fair is fair, and if they aren't willing to release this info maybe it is a Gruden thing.


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