Pelosi says House won't pass funding bill blocking vaccine mandates: 'Not going to go for their anti-vaxxing'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to say House Democrats won't vote for a continuing resolution that includes a provision blocking any funding to enforce federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, as Congress inches closer to a government shutdown just before midnight Friday night,. "We're not going to go for their anti-vaxxing....

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Debbie Janca

Daniel Baker my daughter a school teacher is vaccinated just tested positive. My husband and I are unvaccinated had to test to return to work, three negative tests. So tell me how unvaccinated are such a threat!

Casaundra Brown

too bad legally they can't enforce a mandate, because legally they cannot make a mandate it is not within their federal powers. only the states have such power. this is a government over reach and the court system agrees it has been deemed unconstitutional bybthe 5th circut courts but nice try palosi. go crawl back into your booze bottle, but don't forget to come up for air

Yvonne Condarco Timmis

close the borders illegals aren't getting vaxxed why should us Americans...that stupid dumbass good for nothing bitch needs to be impeached


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