NASCAR drivers light up Nashville streets with Burnouts on Broadway

Cover picture for the articleIf Nashville didn’t know NASCAR was in town, the city found out emphatically on Wednesday night, when the world’s best stock car drivers lit up Broadway in the heart of the Music City’s nightclub district. Some of them lit up Broadway, that is. On a night when veteran 40-somethings...

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Dane Daniels

This stuff needs to stop. Kids are having sideshows on city streets and freeways all the time now. They’re not professional drivers, their cars aren’t safe, and spectator just stand in the street and watch. All professional racers need to act like professionals. Take a victory lap. These burn out drifts are counter productive. You sending the wrong message.

Chuck Thompson

I have always liked and enjoyed NASCAR, but the but the burn outs, what about the environment and the fans lungs ?


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