Pentagon Blames Biden, Newsom for US Inaction in Breakaway Republic Crisis

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Confusingly, the leaders of this land of contradictions—who have said they’re motivated by California governor Gavin Newsom’s mandate that schoolchildren be vaccinated against COVID-19—have asserted that they are not seceding from either the state of California or the United States, but simply refusing to recognize their legal and political authority. (They...

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Dorrit Sherman

Biden and his administration are the enemies of our nation, Biden was not vetted, for his corruption, and never should any doctor report regarding his dementia.


The thing that clinches that for me has to do with the number of ballots supposedly cast vs the number of eligible voters. In 2020 there were 168.31 million eligible voters in the US. The 2020 election says they counted 158.4 million ballots. That's over a 94% turn out for the election. Since 1980, Presidential elections have average a 53.23% turn out, even including the election in 2016 when Trump was elected. Not buying that we suddenly had a 44% increase in turnout everyone vote republican after so much cheating we can stop them but have to beat the margins by 10 percent unfortunately dems cheated I'm a xdem and most were i live say the same thing vote republican one time we have to have a republic and constitution democrats are trying to take that from us and that means taking freedom

Frederick Pratt

A good move towards the state of Jefferson, it needs to happen because the Whitehouse has declared war on the American citizen. This shows and adds prove to the fact that these liberal socialist communist politicians have gone to far.


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