Supreme Court signals support for upholding Mississippi's restrictive abortion law

CBS News

Cover picture for the articleWashington — The future of abortion rights faced its most consequential test in nearly 30 years Wednesday when the Supreme Court convened to hear a high-stakes showdown taking aim at early five decades of precedent, with the conservative justices appearing inclined to let stand a Mississippi law at the heart of...

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What's the matter demonRats, are you upset that the Supreme Court will not allow you to murder a fetus that has a heartbeat, and can feel pain? 15 weeks is MORE than enough time.

Michael Baker

My question is, as was Vhief Justice Robert's in his QA, why is 15 weeks (almost 4 months) not enough time to decide if you want an abortion? Every possible medical condition has been identified that threatens the baby, mother or both. The argument of birth control costs has been settled via ObamaCare. All paid for. Even pre and post natal care. Can't be the cost of raising a child. My parents were poor and raised 4 kids. My oldest daughter raised 3 plus fostered others. She is not rich by any stretch of the imagination.

Deanna Rounds

Why do people think if you outlaw abortion that will stop them?? All it means is people will go elsewhere to get it and/or doctors will call it something else like a D&C to get it paid for. ANd for those unlucky enough to be able to do those two things women will try to self abort and die.


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