Bindi Irwin Is Moving To The U.S. For Baby No. 2 With Husband Chandler Powell

OK Magazine

Is Bindi Irwin coming to America? One report says she and Chandler Powell plan to have a second baby in the United States. Gossip Cop investigates.

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According to OK!, Irwin and Powell are chasing a fortune to California. The activists want to secure lucrative Hollywood deals to help keep the Australian zoo afloat. “It’s been bleeding profits due to the pandemic.” an insider explains. “Bindi and Chandler have been pitching a TV show and other ideas and want to visit LA soon to do meet and greets.”

The two hope to expand their family as well, as Powell and Irwin never saw baby Grace as an only child. An insider says, “They’ve been telling friends they want to have another child right away.”

Bindi’s torn, the source explains, because she loves Australia but thinks Hollywood is where she can really spread her wings. The tipster concludes, “They’ll be closer to Chandler’s family, who missed out on time with their first grandchild. So it’s a win-win!”

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Gossip Cop has no idea why OK! is so obsessed with this narrative, but it’s been banging this intercontinental move drum for years now. It promised a second American wedding to go with the move, but that never happened.

Now it’s pivoted to a baby celebrating the move. When this inevitably doesn’t happen, you can expect it to invent some other celebratory reason for the two to move continents. Irwin and Powell appear to be in Australia for the long run. Irwin is completely devoted to her father’s mission, so her home in Australia.

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She’s even managed to win Dancing with the Stars without necessarily moving. This week, she wished her brother Robert Irwin a happy birthday with the message, “’ I’ll always, always be here for you.”

Back in February, this tabloid tried to stoke tension between Bindi and her Robert over his risk-taking. Robert clearly has his sister’s love and support, so that was totally false. OK! also claimed Bindi was put on bed rest over pregnancy risks, but it couldn’t provide any proof to back its sensational story.

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Earlier this month, sister magazine Woman’s Day ran the exact same story about Irwin and Powell looking for a fresh start on his native soil. It was false then, and it’s false now. These two appear to be as content as could be in Australia and have expressed no intention to leave their home behind.

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rod runner be be

Biggest mistake of your life. YOU'LL regret every second. America isn't the friendly country that it use to be and never will be again. Your dad would tell you to don't do it.

Teresa Tate

I would never move to the states from Australia. I definitely would want to raise my children here. Sure hope they think long and hard before bringing their beautiful daughter here

Youngone1534 Young

So many negative comments. They're a cute couple who can accomplish a lot with their positive attitude. I hope you do very well in Hollywood and get business booming for your family.


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