Lakers Could Land Buddy In Blockbuster 3-Team Trade Involving Ben Simmons And Russell Westbrook

Cover picture for the articleWith about a quarter of the season officially in the rearview mirror, now is the team that teams will begin some serious self-reflection. All around the NBA, there are teams itching for a change, and the Lakers, Kings, and Sixers are probably at the top of that list. Whether...

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William Hearne

The Fakers, the Fakers, the Fakers. Why didn't they make these moves during the off-season instead of the geritol crew they've assembled. And every trade is getting rid of their failures. Like other teams can't see that they're good individually, but individuals don't win titles. Teams do.

Adam Runion

never would happen embied and Westbrook hate each other and philly dont want westbrook


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