Tyler Perry Promises ‘Every Available Resource Will Be Used’ to Find Jacqueline Avant’s Killer


Tyler Perry has shared his mourning over the death of Jacqueline Avant , stating that “every available resource will be used” to help find the philanthropist’s killer. Avant, the 81-year-old wife of music industry legend Clarence Avant and mother of Nicole Avant, was fatally shot early Wednesday morning by a home intruder at her Beverly Hills residence.

“My heart breaks for Clarence and Nicole and all the Avant family. This world can be so cruel and cold!!” Perry wrote on his official Twitter. The media figure also shared several images of the Avants. “I have no idea what kind of sub-human could shoot an 81 year old woman, and in her own home.”

“But you can rest assured that every available resource will be used to find whoever is responsible for this awful nightmare,” Perry wrote in a second Tweet. “This is tremendously sad.”

During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Beverly Hills police chief Mark Stainbrook stated that investigators are continuing to search the scene for clues. He also advised that the public help in apprehending the killer, who remains at large.

Stainbrook also shared a message from the Avant family during the press conference: “Jacqueline was an amazing woman — a wife, mother, philanthropist and a 55-year resident of Beverly Hills who has made an immeasurable positive contribution and impact on the arts community. She will be missed by her family, friends and all the people she has helped throughout her amazing life.”

Jacqueline Avant was well-known in the entertainment industry for her philanthropic work, including her service on the board of directors of UCLA’s International Student Center and as president of the Neighbors of Watts.

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Torres Maria

Wow. As a proud auntie of mix race within my entire familyI so much hurting every time I read all this back and forth hate because of skin color.. My wish for this New Year. May we begin this new year not looking at our skin color and let's try working together as one people. This world would be such a beautiful place.. Happy New Year to ALL...YESSSSSSSSS ALL....🥰

Sandra McGruder

They better start by looking close to home and figuring out who gained the most from her Death


I just wished that this type of resource was available to elderly people who were killed regardless of their social standing. That saddens me


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