Brian Laundrie's Parents Caught Touring Spot Where His Skeletal Remains Were Found In First Outing Since Suicide Results


Cover picture for the articleBrian Laundrie’s parents, Christopher and Roberta, were spotted for the time since their son committed suicide. The duo was caught taking a walk in the woods at the location where the 23-year-old's remains were found. Article continues below advertisement. On Tuesday, November 30, the Laundrie’s took a tour around...

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Kat Sheppard

so now if someone goes to a sad place to mourn and remember a loved on it's...touring? wrong choice of words for even a suspected killer

Jacqueline Skye Outlaw

I don't feel sorry for these parents because they stonewalled Gabby's parents for weeks. Her parents and family were desperate for answers but they only received silence. Stone cold silence. They even called the police on her father when he showed up at their door, asking questions about his daughter. This after more than two weeks of dodging him and others concerned about Gabby's wellbeing. Of course, if they all refuse to answer texts, phone calls and emails about Gabby, what did they expect of her family?! They should have told their son to talk to her family and deal with the questions. They should not have hired an attorney for him and allowed him to stew in his room, hiding behind them as he dodged Gabby's parents and the police. As much as I understand a parents' love for their child, their actions under these circumstances were egregious! They deserve public ridicule.


they're touring it so they can plant some more evidence... those parents were sketch to begin with.. I'm still not even convinced even though they have an autopsy, the brother was a dentist, easily could have planted the teeth, that father was an ex-fbi cop or something of that nature.. and Mom work in the police department also.. all of them know how to cover and plant a crime scene.. the police checked for a month, and didn't find anything they go out in one day later they find remains..


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