How a Texas 'trigger law' could fully criminalize abortion after Supreme Court hearings

Houston Chronicle

Cover picture for the articleAs the Supreme Court hears arguments on Dobbs v. Jackson Wednesday, questions lingers as to whether the landmark case Roe v. Wade case, which affirmed the right to an abortion in 1973, would be overturned as result of the proceedings. In the instance that Roe falls, 12 states, including Texas and...

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Stupid You

It should never been up to state legislature to pass that abortion bill. it should have been up for a vote from eveey person living in Texas. To each his own beliefs. Texans should have had the right to vote on it. Politicians lined their pockets from whatever lobbyists wanted that passed.Abbott just keeps digging his own hole. Hope he has no ambitions to run for anything else. Texans wont vote for him and he is the laughing stock in all other states. and this all comes from a Republican

Super Vision...

....We are overpopulated enough as it is. Why force more on people who seriously don’t want a baby. Yes, abortion is murder. There. We agree. Still should be legal. I believe in the Death Penalty as well. In fact, I am disgusted will the glacial pace of carrying out the sentence. Murder? Maybe. Homicide for sure. But, It’s still what is best for the law abiding good people. Let people make their own life changing decisions.


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