Everton 1-4 Liverpool: Premier League – as it happened

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10.59pm GMT

That’s your lot, then! A reminder that Andy Hunter’s report is live. Get clicking, good people. Thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night!

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10.58pm GMT

Klopp’s turn to chat to Amazon. “It was a really good game by my team, a very grown-up performance. We got a bit carried away and were much too open, but that can happen when you are superior. We should have been one or two nil up before we scored, but then we scored the goals for 2-0. But then we were not that ruthless, the crowd were booing and whistling, and we gave them some life back. But I am not seeking perfection, the boys did really well. Last time we had two massive injuries and we are like a family, so you feel it. Van Dijk and Thiago dealt really well with it, you can get too emotional and we never were. We were in the right mindset to finish the game off. This was by far the best performance, since I have been here, at Goodison.”

10.43pm GMT

Rafa speaks to Amazon Prime, and makes an oblique demand to splash come cash in January. “We made too many mistakes and you pay for that. After the second goal, our reaction was very good. The atmosphere was very good. We started the second half well, but another mistake changed the game. The third goal changed everything, because mentally it was hard to react. Key players are missing, and they are important for the rest of the group to play at the level they can play. The other team have spent a lot of money and we made mistakes. We can improve. We have to learn that we cannot make these kind of mistakes. If we learn that we can be ready for the next game.”

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10.37pm GMT

Let’s go back to 1982. This is Everton’s biggest home defeat in the derby since Glenn Keeley’s 37-minute Goodison career.

10.30pm GMT

Post-match managerial patter hopefully coming up. In the meantime, Andy Hunter’s report has landed.

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10.24pm GMT

Mo Salah speaks to Amazon. “It’s a great result to come here and play good football, it’s unbelievable. We won here 4-1 and Manchester United five, so we are doing a good job in the league and hopefully we can continue like that. Hopefully I will score many more. I hope to win something with the club, the league or Champions League, hopefully both. We know each other very well and try to help each other. It’s great to see Virgil van Dijk win here, because it could have been emotional having been injured here.” He’s also asked about his seventh place in the Ballon d’Or and crumbles into hysterical laughter. “No comment!”

10.14pm GMT

Jurgen Klopp takes to the Goodison pitch and punches the air a few times, each swipe met by a lusty roar from the away section. Rafael Benitez, presiding over Everton’s worst run in the league for 22 years, will be under some serious pressure now. They remain in 14th spot, only above Leeds and Southampton on goals scored, the overall difference having taken a bit of a hit tonight. With games against Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Leicester coming up, they could be in some bother before huge festive crunch matches against Burnley and Newcastle. Liverpool remain in third, Chelsea and Manchester City having also won this evening, two points off the top and very much in the title race.

Pos Team P GD Pts
1 Chelsea 14 27 33
2 Man City 14 21 32
3 Liverpool 14 31 31
4 West Ham 14 8 24
5 Arsenal 13 -2 23

10.08pm GMT

FULL TIME: Everton 1-4 Liverpool

Boos ring around Goodison now, though, as the final whistle sounds on Everton’s biggest home defeat in the derby for 39 years.
Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp hugs Mohamed Salah as they celebrate their win. Photograph: Peter Powell/EPA
Everton fans protest. Photograph: Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

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10.07pm GMT

90 min +2: Benitez peers out of the dugout at a point roughly 1,000 yards in front of him.

10.06pm GMT

90 min +1: The away fans sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. There aren’t enough Everton fans left in Goodison to drown it out with boos.

10.05pm GMT

90 min: Salah nearly releases Mane into the box with a cute backheel. Not quite. There will be three more minutes for Everton to suffer.

10.03pm GMT

88 min: Minamino comes on for Jota, who has put in a shift of Firminoesque proportions tonight. He’s not stopped running. He’s earned the big hug he receives from Klopp.

10.01pm GMT

86 min: Amazon co-commentator Ally McCoist gives the man of the match award to Salah. It’s hard to argue, though Henderson had a shout. “To answer your (possibly rhetorical) question from minute 73, no, Rafa doesn’t have a plan,” writes Matt Burtz. “I didn’t want to be right today, but here were are.”

10.00pm GMT

85 min: Tosun comes on for Gray. “Well, I won’t have to experience the taste of baked crow,” sighs Mary Waltz. “My boys did their best, they made a game of it for a bit, this was as good as it was going to get.”

9.59pm GMT

84 min: Liverpool stroke it around the back, like it was the 1980s all over again.

9.57pm GMT

82 min: Henderson, who has been superb tonight, makes way for Oxlade-Chamberlain. “Jordan Henderson is a very accomplished footballer,” concedes Gary Naylor magnanimously.

9.56pm GMT

81 min: Digne hoicks the free kick straight out of play for a goal kick. The Liverpool fans are singing their old Rafael Benitez song. Plenty of Everton supporters are on their way home, or to the nearest drinker.

9.55pm GMT

80 min: Van Dijk is booked for clearing Gordon instead of the ball. Free kick, 35 yards out.

9.54pm GMT

GOAL! Everton 1-4 Liverpool (Jota 79)

The game restarts. Liverpool ping it around. Robertson slips a pass down the left channel for Jota, who spins Allan in the box with absurd ease before lashing past Pickford at his near post.
Liverpool’s Diogo Jota thumps home their fourth goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Then celebrates. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

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9.53pm GMT

77 min: Liverpool play a bit of keepball, to a chorus of boos. Then the game’s stopped as some bampot runs onto the pitch. As he’s carted off for a night in the jug, a bottle of energy beverage is thrown onto the pitch. Alisson kicks it off, and gets too much on it, sending it sailing into the punters. The bottle has hardly left his boot before the keeper apologises sheepishly. No drama.

9.49pm GMT

75 min: Liverpool respond by replacing Thiago with Milner.

9.48pm GMT

73 min: Townsend is replaced by Delph. An exercise in damage limitation, or does Rafa have a plan?

9.47pm GMT

72 min: Free kick for Everton out on the left. Everyone lines up on the edge of the Liverpool box. Digne and Townsend faff around down the left, and the ball soon ends up back at Pickford’s feet, much to the annoyance of the home fans.

9.44pm GMT

70 min: Jota meets the corner but can’t keep his effort down. Goal kick.

9.44pm GMT

69 min: Henderson sends Digne off to the shops for a pint of milk with a drop of his shoulder out on the right. His fierce low cross is shanked over his own bar by Godfrey. Corner.

9.42pm GMT

67 min: That’s sucked a lot of life out of Goodison, all stemming from a free kick up the other end that never should have been awarded. A heavy karmic price to pay.

9.41pm GMT

65 min: A red flare is dispatched onto the pitch as Salah celebrates. What a glorious finish that was!

9.41pm GMT

GOAL! Everton 1-3 Liverpool (Salah 64)

... Liverpool clear. Gray plays the loose ball back to Coleman on the halfway line. Coleman thinks twice about blootering clear first time, and it costs him. He miscontrols, allowing Salah to tear clear into the Everton half. Salah holds Coleman off, draws Pickford, and threads a shot across the keeper and towards the bottom right. The ball rolls over the line at tantalisingly slow speed, like a dead-weight putt.
Mohamed Salah of Liverpool slots the ball past Everton keeper Jordan Pickford ... Photograph: Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images
The celebrates scoring his side’s third goal of the game. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA
As does his manager Jürgen Klopp. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters
Salah looks on as a smoke bomb is removed from the pitch by a member of staff as he celebrates scoring their third goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

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9.38pm GMT

64 min: Townsend whips towards the top right. Van Dijk rises highest to deflect out for a corner. And from that corner ...

9.37pm GMT

63 min: Gordon latches onto a loose ball and barges down the middle. He goes over near Robertson, who gets booked despite not touching his man. This is a free kick in an extremely dangerous position, just outside the D. Townsend fancies this.

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9.36pm GMT

62 min: One Robertson corner from the right leads to another. Pickford flaps the second away from danger, good work under serious pressure in a crowded six-yard box.

9.35pm GMT

61 min: Coleman miscontrols and concedes a cheap corner out on the left. Alexander-Arnold takes. Keane eyebrows it over his own bar. Robertson goes over to take the second corner from the other side.

9.34pm GMT

59 min: Rondon can’t continue. Off he goes, Gordon coming on in his place.

9.32pm GMT

58 min: Rondon goes down feeling his hamstring. He’s soon up again. No change yet.

9.31pm GMT

57 min: Richarlison tries to beat Alisson from the best part of 30 yards, out on the right. Into the Gwladys Street end it goes. Chances are the flag would have gone up for offside anyway, had he achieved the spectacular.

9.30pm GMT

55 min: Van Dijk blooters a poor effort into the wall. The ball breaks to Thiago, whose shot is compromised by the continued presence in the area of the big Dutchman. He drags it wide. Not a banner 60 seconds for Van Dijk.

9.29pm GMT

54 min: A free kick for Liverpool, just outside the D, Jota having been clipped from behind by Godfrey. Alexander-Arnold’s eyes light up, but Van Dijk snatches the ball off him. The big defender wants this. Retribution for last year uppermost in mind, I’ll be bound.

9.28pm GMT

53 min: Salah tries a Le Tissieresque juggle and volley from 25 yards. It’s high and wide, and goodness me, didn’t the Southampton legend make that sort of thing look absurdly easy.

9.27pm GMT

52 min: Digne whips a cross into the Liverpool box from the left. Matip eyebrows over his own bar. Nothing comes from the resulting corner. The next goal here is huge; good luck predicting who’s going to score it.

9.26pm GMT

51 min: Liverpool probe on the edge of the Everton box. Thiago, Mane and Henderson all think about shooting. Thiago eventually shovels a pass down the inside left, hoping to release Jota. Coleman gets in to shepherd the ball away from danger.

9.24pm GMT

49 min: Alexander-Arnold drives down the middle and slips Mane into the box. Mane’s shot is blocked by Godfrey; a fair chance he’d have been ruled offside by VAR, just, had he found the net.
Liverpool’s Sadio Mane shoots at goal as Everton’s Ben Godfrey attempts to block. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

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9.23pm GMT

47 min: Salah spins cutely into space down the right, sending Allan off for the Echo. The ball’s then teed up for Thiago to hit, on the edge of the D ... only for the referee to get in the way.

9.21pm GMT

46 min: Everton are out of the blocks quickly, Rondon crossing from the right, Doucoure sending a soft header straight at Alisson.

9.19pm GMT

The teams are back! Everton get the second half underway. No half-time changes.

9.07pm GMT

Half-time entertainment. The football just doesn’t stop. Barry Glendenning has all the news from tonight’s five other Premier League fixtures below. You will remember to come back, though?

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9.05pm GMT

HALF TIME: Everton 1-2 Liverpool

It’s been fast, it’s been feisty, it’s been fantastic fun. Liverpool initially threatened to run away with it, but Everton have come right back at them. The second half should be a trip.

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9.04pm GMT

45 min +3: Alexander-Arnold takes. Mane goes down while attempting to connect. Nothing doing there, and Salah is eventually caught offside. Everton go up the other end, Doucoure having a whack from just inside the box on the right. Thiago is forced to hack clear.

9.03pm GMT

45 min +2: Jota and Henderson combine crisply down the inside-right channel to win Liverpool’s seventh corner of the half.

9.02pm GMT

45 min +1: ... or maybe a goal? Henderson is sent scampering into the Everton box on the right. He stands one up to the far post for Mane, whose header, sent towards the top left, is blocked by Godfrey.
Liverpool’s Sadio Mane sends a header goalwards. Photograph: Jon Super/AP

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9.01pm GMT

45 min: There will be three added minutes. Enough time for a couple of red cards?

Updated at 9.39pm GMT

9.00pm GMT

44 min: Now Gray is booked for diving over Fabinho’s boot, as he attempts to dribble into the Liverpool box down the middle. “This game ain’t gonna end 11 v 11 with the theatrics going on and this ref falling for them all,” predicts Phillip Haran.

8.59pm GMT

43 min: Rondon has his knockers, but a replay of Gray’s goal shows how his dummy run pulled Matip out of position and made space for the scorer down the middle.

8.58pm GMT

41 min: Neither of those bookings seemed totally necessary. Neither Thiago nor Digne did too much. Nothing more than garden-variety fouls. It’s not as though this is a fixture that needs any artificial tweaking of the temperature.

8.56pm GMT

39 min: That’s got Goodison going again! Then within a minute of the restart, Thiago is booked for barging Allan to the floor, then Digne goes in the book for sliding in on Henderson from behind.

8.55pm GMT

GOAL! Everton 1-2 Liverpool (Gray 38)

Out of nothing, Everton are back in it! Richarlison turns down the right and curls a pass infield for Gray, who takes a lovely touch, races ahead of Alexander-Arnold, draws Alisson and slides under the keeper!
A tidy finish from Everton’s Demarai Gray gets the home side back into the game. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA

Updated at 9.04pm GMT

8.53pm GMT

37 min: Alexander-Arnold, quarterbacking from deep, swings an ambitious diagonal towards Jota, racing in from the left. Pickford does very well to read the danger, coming to the edge of his box to claim.

8.52pm GMT

35 min: Robertson is good to continue.

8.51pm GMT

34 min: Robertson is down now, having taken a smack on the nose. All accidental by the looks of it, but none of this is improving the mood of the Goodison faithful, who are on a rolling boil now.

8.48pm GMT

32 min: Allan catches Jota with his trailing leg while slide-tacking the Liverpool forward. A yellow card. Jota is far from happy about the challenge, while Everton complain about the booking. Richarlison comes across to have a word with Jota when he gets up. Jota is insistent that Allan should have been sent off, and continues to rant away.

8.46pm GMT

30 min: ... but once again, the free kick is a waste of everyone’s time.

8.45pm GMT

29 min: Thiago is at fault here, though, clipping Allan out on the right. Another chance for Everton to line up on the edge of the Liverpool box.

8.44pm GMT

28 min: A strange decision out on the right wing, as Townsend grabs a chunk of Thiago’s shirt yet wins the free kick. It’s possibly fortunate for those sick of confected controversy that nothing comes of the resulting set piece.

8.43pm GMT

27 min: Gray is looking lively, the one plus point so far for Everton. He glides in from the left and looks for the top right, only for Van Dijk to head clear.

8.42pm GMT

26 min: Liverpool ping some patient triangles. The home fans boo, the atmosphere curdling. Someone throws another ball onto the pitch. Thiago boots it back into the stand as play goes on. Then Thiago has a go with the actual in-play ball, but his low drive pinballs around a busy box and Everton clear.

8.41pm GMT

25 min: Gray dribbles at Alexander-Arnold and reaches the edge of the Liverpool box, only to hesitate before pulling the trigger. He’s eventually swarmed and stripped of possession.

8.39pm GMT

23 min: One corner leads to another, and the second causes confusion in the Everton box. The ball nearly falls to Van Dijk in the middle of a melee, but he can’t get a shot away. Matip tries a cheeky backheel only to send the ball out for a goal kick.

8.38pm GMT

22 min: Salah wins another corner down the right. Alexander-Arnold’s delivery hits Keane on the hip and nearly sails into the bottom left, Pickford completely wrong-footed. A corner coming in from the other side now.

8.37pm GMT

20 min: The home side were all over the show there, and there are already Everton fans streaming - steaming - out of the ground.

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8.36pm GMT

GOAL! Everton 0-2 Liverpool (Salah 19)

This goal is too easy for Liverpool. Thiago gains possession in the centre of the park and feeds Henderson, who immediately sends Salah clear down the inside-right channel. Salah makes it into the box, opens his body, and steers a sensational shot across Pickford and into the top left.

8.34pm GMT

18 min: Richarlison snaffles the ball off Fabinho, and crosses from the right. Gray is lurking in the middle, waiting for the tap-in. Alexander-Arnold gets back to take the ball off Gray’s toe, sending it behind for Everton’s first corner ... which turns out to be a non-event.

8.32pm GMT

16 min: Townsend barrels down the right at speed, looking to get past Robertson. He goes down. The home fans want a free kick; the home winger gets a yellow card for simulation.

8.31pm GMT

15 min: Jota dribbles in from the right and cuts back for Alexander-Arnold, who aims for the top right. Pickford, at full stretch, palms around the post for another Liverpool corner. The visitors play it short, and Everton deal with the low cross that eventually comes in from Thiago.

8.30pm GMT

13 min: Gray has a dig from distance. He shanks it well wide right. But this has been a decent response to falling behind by Everton, the first bit of sustained pressure from the home side.

8.29pm GMT

12 min: ... but the set piece is no good. Gray goes over on the edge of the box, but there’s no free kick, despite Evertonian protests. Meanwhile in the stand, everyone applauds in memory of Ava White.

8.27pm GMT

11 min: Henderson, full of energy, clips Richarlison to the floor out on the left. The resulting free kick is a chance for Everton to load the box ...

8.26pm GMT

GOAL! Everton 0-1 Liverpool (Henderson 9)

It’s fair to say this had been coming. Mane slips Robertson into the box down the left. Robertson cuts back for Henderson, rushing in to the left of the D. He opens his body and steers into the bottom left, Pickford given no chance. What a lovely goal.
Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson scores their first goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Then celebrates. Photograph: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Updated at 8.50pm GMT

8.24pm GMT

8 min: Mane, out on the left, picks out Salah, rushing in, six yards out, level with the near post. Salah whips a first-time shot towards the bottom left. Pickford does very well to get down and parry.

8.23pm GMT

7 min: Everton are playing two up front. On Amazon co-comms, Ally McCoist predicts a productive evening for Robertson and Alexander-Arnold as a result. “It’s brave,” he adds.

8.22pm GMT

6 min: A second corner of the evening for Liverpool, again on the right. Alexander-Arnold takes, and this one is easily cleared, Rondon on point.

8.22pm GMT

5 min: Gray romps down the left and crosses deep. Matip eyebrows away from Rondon, just in time. This is one heck of a fast start.

8.19pm GMT

3 min: Another huge chance for Liverpool, Townsend gifting the ball to Jota on the Liverpool left. Jota crosses, and Salah - who really should go in with his head - high-kicks over the bar from six yards! Just over two minutes in, and Liverpool have already missed two sitters!
Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah (centre) shoots the ball over the bar as Everton’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford looks on. Photograph: Jon Super/AP

Updated at 8.29pm GMT

8.18pm GMT

2 min: From the corner, Matip wins a header eight yards out. Unchallenged, he’s got to score, but glances his header wide left.

8.17pm GMT

31 sec: Alexander-Arnold, out on the right, rakes a long pass down the channel for Mane, who nearly breaks into the box. Coleman gets in the way and expects Pickford to come and claim, but the keeper hesitates, and Mane forces a corner. Captain and keeper exchange words.

8.16pm GMT

Here we go, then! Liverpool get the ball rolling ... but only after the knee is taken. More warm applause. There’s no room for racism.

8.14pm GMT

Here come the teams! Everton wear blue and Liverpool red, like you need to be told. A crackling atmosphere at this famous old stadium as the theme to Z Cars blasts out of the speakers. Benitez and Klopp embrace warmly. Before the match, there will be memorial applause to mark the passing of Ray Kennedy and Cliff Marshall . Fans of both sides have also clubbed together for a banner responding to the tragic murder of 12-year-old Ava White: “No more knives in our city.” We’ll be off soon.
Players and fans during a minute’s applause in memory of Ray Kennedy and Cliff Marshall. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
A banner supporting the No More Knives campaign is unveiled in the stands. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA Images

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Updated at 8.26pm GMT

8.07pm GMT

Love is love. The Premier League does its bit for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign this week, as clubs link arms to show their support for all LGBT+ people both in the world of football and beyond. Rainbow armbands, pin badges, ball plinths, substitute boards, LED perimeter boards, and of course laces, ahoy! More details of a celebration of solidarity, inclusion and love can be found here .
The Rainbow Laces armband to be worn by Seamus Coleman. Photograph: Tony McArdle - Everton FC/Everton FC/Getty Images

8.04pm GMT

PRE-MATCH PESSIMISM: THE EVERTON WAY addendum. “If your vision of the Rondon scenario occurs,” begins Mary Waltz, “you can send me your favourite recipe for baked crow, or any other form of roadkill, and I will film myself eating it.”

8.03pm GMT

Jurgen Klopp speaks to Amazon. “We are here to play a really good football game. Physicality is normal, but there were two incredible fouls in this game last time. The referees didn’t help. We want to be intense and aggressive and lively, play around them, through them, behind them. We know what we will face today, but we have tried to prepare the boys as good as possible.”

7.55pm GMT

Retro reading. A classic Joy of Six for your edification.

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7.41pm GMT

It’s a special bumper edition of PRE-MATCH PESSIMISM: THE EVERTON WAY this evening. “Yes, derbies can’t be judged using normal metrics,” writes Mary Waltz. “At least that is what this Everton fan is hanging onto. But then my rational brain kicks in. On current form this fixture looks like a blowout. Dark pessimism surrounds me. Sigh.”

Fellow Toffee Matt Burtz adds: “Having only supported Everton since about 2012, I haven’t been beaten down by the club’s lack of success since the 1995 FA Cup Final. I wasn’t there to experience the dogged determination of the Moyes era. I didn’t see Duncan Ferguson bang in goals with passion and spirit. I do know the free-flowing attack and lack of basic defending from the Martinez sides, the complete absence of a plan from the Koeman sides, the weak, conservative approach of the Allardyce sides, and the somewhat blunt solidity of the Ancelotti sides.

“I can usually look at the bright side when it comes to Everton and focus on the positives. But today I can’t. This club is such a mess right now. Benitez isn’t the main problem, but he is a problem, and he needs to go. I’ve been to a derby at Goodison where the atmosphere was electric, everything you would want. I would love to be there tonight despite everything because a feisty crowd might be what the team needs right now. But if Liverpool score twice in the first 20 minutes, which is a distinct possibility, that crowd is going to get really toxic, really quick, and I don’t think Benitez can possibly make it until the Arsenal game on Monday. Don’t ask me if they’re going to get sucked into a relegation battle, but it’s not looking great.”

Finally, adding further to the cheer, the legendary Gary Naylor gives his prediction: “I’d take 0-3, no injuries and no red cards right now. And, yes, I’m an Everton fan, not a Liverpool fan.”

Textbook expectation management, or brazen fate-tempting? Either way, I expect on-the-whistle reaction from all three of you should Salomón Rondón send a last-minute winner flying into the top bin from 25 yards.

Updated at 7.44pm GMT

7.25pm GMT

Rafael ‘I’m a Blue’ Benitez speaks to Amazon Prime. “It’s the best game for us. A derby is a derby and you can change everything. It doesn’t matter the position in the table. If you want to beat Liverpool you need to be strong, that is the Premier League, you have to be strong physically. We must work as a team, stick together, be compact, and help each other; you cannot stop Salah with one player. The fans are amazing for us, the team can run an extra mile if necessary.”

7.23pm GMT

Two changes for Everton in the wake of their 1-0 defeat at Brentford. Richarlison returns from suspension, while Demari Gray, a sub at the weekend, comes back into the starting line-up. Alex Iwobi and Anthony Gordon are benched.

Liverpool make just one change after the 4-0 win over Southampton. Joel Matip replaces Ibrahima Konate, who drops to the bench.

7.19pm GMT

The teams

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Godfrey, Keane, Digne, Townsend, Doucoure, Allan, Gray, Richarlison, Rondon.
Subs: Kenny, Delph, Begovic, Iwobi, Tosun, Gordon, Gbamin, Branthwaite, Dobbin.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson, Henderson, Fabinho, Thiago, Salah, Jota, Mane.
Subs: Konate, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Minamino, Tsimikas, Origi, Kelleher, Williams, Morton.

Referee: Paul Tierney (Lancashire).

7.00pm GMT


The Merseyside derby is a feisty affair at the best of times. Throw in one team going for the title, another showing relegation form, one or two personal vendettas, and Rafa, and the 239th edition has the potential to be a whole world of fun. Kick-off is at 8.15pm. It’s on!

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