The big flaw in Trump’s legal strategy: Ex-presidents have no power

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleOver four years in the White House, President Donald Trump proved exceptionally adept at using his office to manipulate the legal system. But the Constitution gives no role — or powers — to ex-presidents. The result is that Trump’s run of evading accountability may finally be ending, as most recently shown...

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Akym Rinkovsky

This should be as much about tomorrow as what happened yesterday. "If a person like Trump with such a platform shares misinformation loud enough and long enough there are Americans who will believe - and act upon - it." "This isn't theoretical. This is what actually happened on January 6th 2021." - Jonah Goldberg) ... If those who acted out on Jan-6th as part of the Calital Insurrection are not held responsible, for their looting. Then the odds are high they will not stop. Its just basic probability 🙏 ~ Do the math you guys 🤔~ We all know its true, even this very moment Trump is calling for the "National Guard" in city's where looting is taking place ... everywhere that is except when its Trump supporters doing the looting. Aka January 6th 2021 Capital Insurrection.😔~

Burns Gene

remember he said .quote . AN I GOING TO WALK WITH DOWN WITH YOU. never walked with anyone he ran . remember that when you walk infrount of the judge alone he's not with you . OH WHEN THEY A COWARD STANDS FOR NOWONE . NOT EVEN HIS SELF .

Have’ Sense

He’s the dumbest EVER. Who ever heard of a president or former president actually trying to OVERTHROW democracy? He’s scary, and an idiot.


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