Shaquille O’Neal explains why he rejected Nike shoe endorsement: ‘I wasn’t interested in being another guy on the shelf’

The Oregonian
The Oregonian
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Before he started appearing on every TV commercial in your home, Shaquille O’Neal was an extremely successful star in the NBA. Arguably one of the greatest centers of all-time, in fact. The endorsements rained in for O’Neal during and following his playing career, including a shoe deal. O’Neal was...

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Murphy payne

ha. more humans like him will never happen In sport again. thank u Shaq. probably one of the last guys to ever play in NBA kids could look up too.

Nesta_One Love

I love Shaq! how great the world would be if we had more human beings like him. what a powerful man and he wasn't bad at basketball either.

James Albanese

funny guy who makes a lot of money and was a very great basketball player...LSU coach Dale Brown was over seas and saw 16 year old Shaq on military base...asked...where you supposed to be only 16 im not a soldier...DB said...son i need to meet your is history


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