Psaki ducks question on Biden claim Trump responsible for 'many' COVID-19 deaths as toll keeps mounting

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to discuss previous remarks from President Biden about former President Trump which claimed "anyone who is responsible" for so many COVID-19 deaths should "not remain" in the White House. During a campaign debate last fall, Biden took a jab at then-President Trump...

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500,000 deaths under Biden presidency and 280,000 deaths under Trump. Maybe, your doing something wrong, if the left can admit that.

Shawn Graves

Biden in there administration don't now how to run a country all they do is play the blame game instead of doing something about it o that's right were not illegal migrants so we don't matter

I from NJ

I wonder what else is in that bill that we don't know about. You know they stuck more than just that in there! Biden doesn't know 💩! Neither does Psaki. Trump got the vaccine so how was he trying to scare people to not take the vaccine. People are smart. They're not ready to take the vaccine because we're the guinea pigs. No one really wants a vaccine that hasn't been tested. The FDA only said it was an emergency vaccine. It doesn't have FDA approval.


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