Cringeworthy video shows ‘MAGA rioter’ sobbing when police asked about Trump


A new viral video is making just about everyone cringe.

In the clip, an emotional alleged MAGA rioter is seen starting to cry in front of FBI interrogators as he is being questioned. When asked about former President Donald Trump calling him to Washington D.C the waterworks

NBC journalist Scott MacFarlane shared the clip on Twitter.

He wrote, “NEW: Court orders release of video of FBI questioning US Capitol breach defendant Daniel Rodriguez. This is a first listen in the interrogation room. He questions election, cites Biden’s rallies and says he’s long been an InfoWars fan.”

The video, which shows Capitol rioter Danny Rodriguez being interrogated FBI about the reason he visited Washington and his part in the United States Capitol attack.

"How did he let you guys know to come to D.C.?" asked one agent, referring to the former president.

"He was the commander-in-chief and the leader of our country," Rodriguez said. "And he was calling for help! I thought he was calling for help! I thought he was..."

MacFarlane added two more videos in the thread, each one every bit as cringey as the last.

“In video of FBI questioning, Jan 6 defendant Daniel Rodriguez says he was ‘trying to find the truth’, through Alex Jones. From video exhibit shown during recent court proceeding in the case.”

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Trying to find the truth thru Alex Jones is as smart as finding the new diet at the bottom of a bag of chips.

Allyson Murray

When do we get see a BLM or Antifa member sitting in that same hot seat for looting, beating up small business owners, burning down cities and torching federal buildings. When?

Bill Johnson

He will use the " what about defense" the trumpanzees sing every time little baby orangutan gets picked on. 😭


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