Mama June Shannon Reveals The New Man In Her Life

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Mama June Shannon is teasing her fans on social media with news of a new man in her life. It has been a year for the 42-year-old reality television personality. While continuing to work on her sobriety, the From Not To Hot star is also happily coupling with a new man...

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Cynthia Moore

she need to set her old ass down, and be a mother to your daughter a grandmother to her grandkids. Do something in your life that wi make a difference.

Anonymous Truth

A man is the Last thing June needs! I wonder what's his drug of choice? All June is attracted to are drug addicts or men that look like Sugar Bear. It's like she meeting these men at rehab or AA meetings!!! I think not only does June has an addiction to drugs but to men as well. She reminds me of the type of people that goes through a break up with a person and by the end of they week they have met someone else. They change partners alots but they're are Always in a relationship with somebody and you never seen them single for long. Well whatever that addiction is called June has that type of codependency and it's bonus in her eyes if he's into or was using drugs.

Miriam Amill

She just need to take care of herself first thing and then her children later on some one that is really going to be helping out and support her!!!


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