Student arrested with gun, $30K cash in backpack at Brooklyn high school


A 17-year-old student was arrested with an apparent ghost gun and cash in his bookbag inside a public school in Downtown Brooklyn.

He arrived at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice on Adams Street just before noon with the firearm in his bag, officials say.

A school secretary saw the weapon and told the dean who alerted school safety agents. They restrained the student and took him into custody.

Charges against him are pending.

The weapon, which appears to be a ghost gun with no markings, and bullets were recovered.

The teen also had about $30,000 cash.

The Department of Education released the following statement:

"Dangerous items of any kind have absolutely no place in our schools, and our outstanding school staff and School Safety Agents immediately and safely recovered this item shortly after the student entered the school building, ensuring that all students and staff are safe. All protocols were followed, and we are working closely with NYPD regarding follow-up actions."

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Game Changer 101

He Will get a Appearance Ticket SMH The Laws in Ny is weak and the Justice System favors Criminals not Civilians!! I Will Pack up and Get out of NY for the Simple Fact NY is a Retreat State Not Stand Your Ground Law! I'm Not Retreating Shhh if Trouble finds Me I'm willing to stand my Ground Not Retreat

Jeannine P.

I'm more surprised about the money than the gun. $30k in cash? Where did he get that type of money and why bring it to school? I agree with others stating that he was acting on someone's behalf.

James Gary

my thinking that I am proud of the school as hole pretty muchl love how it was handled God bless every one for the way it unfold.


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