Plowable snow possible this weekend in Minnesota

Bring Me The News
Bring Me The News
Dec 1, 2021

After a couple of weak disturbances deliver little bits of rain and snow to Minnesota on Thursday and Friday, a more impactful storm system is forecast to move over the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin this weekend.

"The models continue to have agreement on timing, but little agreement on precipitation totals. It's too early for snow amounts as things could change over the next few days," explains the NWS Duluth.

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According to meteorologist Sven Sundgaard, most of the models agree that a swath of accumulating snow will fall across northern Minnesota, namely in places like Bemidji, Grand Rapids and perhaps Duluth.

"The trend in the models has been north and this has pretty much been the case with all of the models that we look at," Sven said in his Bring Me The News briefing Wednesday.

Sven noted that one model – the ICON model – does paint the heaviest snow over the metro, though he says that model isn't very reliable.

"It does look as though a mainly northern Minnesota snow," he said.

Here's what the NWS Twin Cities is saying about the weekend system:

"Forecast models continue to come into agreement with a band of snow spreading across northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin over the weekend. This should remain mostly north of our forecast area. The track could still shift, but the recent trends have been locked in along and just south of the International Border. On Sunday there is a chance that our area could see some light snow wrap around as system matures and exits the region."

So it's currently looking rainy or mostly dry for the metro and areas in the south this weekend, while snow accumulates up north. But we'll be monitoring the storm track in the event that it shifts.

Then there's another shot at snow next week if the storm track lines up and temps are cold enough.

"We're talking about a Tuesday-Wednesday storm," said Sven. "Way too early on that track, but there is some hope."

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