Multiple HIV/AIDS Organizations Say DaBaby Hasn’t Reached Out or Donated Since Meeting


Cover picture for the articleDaBaby, according to comments from multiple HIV/AIDS organizations, failed to follow through on the groundwork laid during meetings spurred by his espousing of dangerously homophobic remarks earlier this year. A new report from the Daily Beast includes remarks from reps of three different organizations with which the Back on...

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The Truth 2021

So his apology is going to be accepted only if he donates money? This is a sin in my eyes and I'll speak on it as freely as I want and never will I apologize or pay to go against that

Patricia Cammett

He does not have support a destructive group of so people who is destroying themselves by doing sexual immoral act on each other when they know it’s can kill u. The unethical group then want other to pay to keep them alive. Let them care for themselves.

Cyn Marie

being black is amazing. people hate us just because of our SKIN color. And we bring everything else to the table. they look up to us. so we have to teach them better. we have to be better leaders or this country that we built will be lost without us. poor things.


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