Can Michelle Obama lead the Democrats to victory in 2024

Cover picture for the articleAt a time when people are asking how long Joe Biden can survive as president, who's best qualified to take on the Republicans in 2024? With VP Kamala Harris? poll numbers in the basement, Michelle Obama could be one to watch. Earlier this week, Business Insider proclaimed, with all...

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Bite this

Barracks charms were helpful in many ways but his political experience was evident when he polarized the people by changing the customary flags and presidential seal in the press room. Then marching across the globe 🌎 apologizing for Americans didn't help unite the nation. His policies about fining anyone who didn't get healthcare coverage was ludicrous, since people didn't get coverage because they couldn't afford it, then you're going to fine them!?? Gifting a $Billion to the Taliban was and is negotiating with the terrorists. We don't do that to save the lives of loved ones so we don't do that for any reason. Borrowing $6 Trillion from China was naive and were paying for it. We may even go to war with them. The "Too big to fail" theory wasn't challenged enough to prevent it from happening again. And more but it's late so good night 😴.

Margie Woods

I hope to hell neither can get out their door!!!!Biden with Obama telling him what to do is about more than America can handle!!!!


What has she done in her lifetime that would qualify her being nominated for President?


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