What are Minnesota's chances of a white Christmas this year?

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Bring Me The News
Dec 1, 2021

Pretty much all of Minnesota has a normal chance of a white Christmas this year, according to the long-range meteorologists at AccuWeather.

AccuWeather issued its white Christmas outlook on Wednesday, showing normal chances of snow on the ground across all of Minnesota, while a stretch from southern South Dakota and northern Nebraska through Iowa and through the southern Great Lakes has a higher-than-normal chance for a white Christmas.

Historically, most of Minnesota has good odds of a white Christmas, though the chances are obviously a bit higher the further north you go.

The Twin Cities gets a white Christmas 72% of the time, according to the Minnesota DNR. The Twin Cities narrowly avoided a brown Christmas last year when a snowstorm dumped 8.7 inches of snow on Dec. 23.

The last brown Christmas in the Twin Cities was 2018 when just a trace of snow was on the ground. 2015 and 2011 were also brown Christmases in the metro. There needs to be 1 inch of snow cover to qualify as a white Christmas, which is exactly what the metro had on Christmas Day 2017.

According to The Weather Channel, only 10% of the country currently has snow cover, including far northern Minnesota where there is 1-5 inches of snow. The 10% is the third-lowest in the U.S. since 2003.

More snow is in the forecast this weekend and it could be plowable, though the current storm track favors northern Minnesota getting the bulk of the flakes.

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