Republicans: Let People Die of COVID or So Help Us We’ll Shut Down the Government

Vanity Fair

Cover picture for the articleIt’s hard to say what’s more idiotic: The possibility the GOP could shut down the federal government, or the reason they’re threatening to do so. Lawmakers are facing a Friday deadline to fund the government, with Democrats and Republicans currently at loggerheads over how long to kick the can down the...

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Terry Kabat

I will not have a politician or an attorney force me to inject something into my body. And removing me from my source of income for not complying is nothing but an overreach of power.

Justin Evanauskas

The vaccine doesn't give you immunity. It also gives you the false idea that you can't get or spread covid, which you can. People were forced into unemployment because of Covid not because of the jab. All those doctors and nurses in healthcare weren't vaccinated last year and they had to work in tough conditions. Why should they be forced now? I mean cashiers at grocery stores and gas stations dealt with more people than anyone else during covid and they had no special protection. Whats different now? If your healthy covid is nothing. I survived just like the other 99 percent. You sound like the man in a lesbian relationship that nobody would want to work with any way.

Diana Kaye

Insanity has taken over many former Americans. No one MAKES one leave a job - if said employee leaves because of employer regulations, that is employee's decision that they don't want to work for said person or company. Next people who want to go naked to work will be suing employers who have a mandate issued that employees wear clothes to work.


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