Billionaire investor Ray Dalio warns that the US is coming to the brink of an empire-ending catastrophe. Here's why he's worried, and how he says you should invest your money.

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mighty mouth

It all started with Nixon ending the gold standard. Plus the fact we run on a deficit. They say it can't be fixed, they lie. It's simply mathematics, spend less then you bring in.

save our country from liberal loons

Without a doubt. This country has turned into a hot mess and my feelings are twofold. One the dysfunction in our federal government along with the continual plastering in our faces at every turn. Two is the growing use of mobile devices and social media apps.

Bonnie Marie Cairns

plain and simple Vote term limits.Never vote for a prosecuting attorney to hold office.Or stop voting altogether because I'm not 100% sure any vote counts anymore. If that statement that all elections are fraudulent then all we have left of freedoms is silent prayer.


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