Cardi B Becomes First Female Rapper With Two Diamond Singles

Cover picture for the articleCardi B is adding another major accomplishment to her career resume. R-I-A-A announced Tuesday that Cardi is the first female rapper to two earn diamond-certified singles. According to reports, Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” featuring the Bronx native passed the 10-million-units sold...

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Dara Fbjailaccountlol

Cardi came from nothing. stripping and making her money that way she worked hard and now she's where she wanted to be. all these negative comments are from nothing but miserable people who have nothing or just like to be miserable and put others down. she ignored all the hate and look at her now 😉 congrats Cardi just a regular schemuglar degular girl from the Bronx and she made it❤

Dorothy Martin

Nikki not doing this, while she on the real house wives trying to come for someone else's career! Congratulations to Cardi B


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