3 Side Effects Of Weed You Should Know

Cover picture for the articleOver the past several years, the public has mostly focused on the positive effects of cannabis. But what about the negative side effects? Here are some you should be aware of. Marijuana used to be interpreted to dramatic degrees, often referred to as a “gateway drug” and a substance that dumbed...

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I am the cannabis space and only the last two side effects are possible with explanations. First off...The vaping issue was a result of Vitamin E with ecigs and not cannabis itself. Cannabis is naturally anti-vomiting but can happen as a allergic reaction. Lastly Cannabis or Delta 9 Marijuana can make anyone due to its very strong psychoactive properties. You have e to start slow or use Delta's relative that's less psychoactive. No matter what, pharmaceutical drugs are still 100x worse than cannabis and isn't organic like cannabis is. Get informed folks. Big Pharma will lose this battle and war because nothing has killed more Americans than adverse drug reactions as a result of the many poisons they sell daily.


Cannabis is a God given aid for humanity. Why must people be so close minded and critical of a plant. There are many plants and natural aids that are useful for many different situations and needs. But... let it be made in a lab or something and it's for the betterment of humanity.


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