Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Couple Told To Expect The Worse After Breaking A Protocol, Unlikely To Host Prince William And Kate Middleton On Their U.S. Trip

Cover picture for the articleMeghan Markle and Prince Harry were warned not to expect the British media "to play by the rules." Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become constant targets of criticisms since they announced their romance in 2016. Things exacerbated after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex finally tied the knot in 2018...

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Ann Plamondon

If you want to have a private life and then you don’t do an Oprah Winfrey interview you don’t make a movie and portray yourself as princess Diane there are just a lot of things you don’t do if you want a private life.


If they wanted to be out of the spotlight why are they always in front of cameras and doing interviews? Why is Harry still doing things as a prince in public when he wanted to be free? I have no problem if they wanted to leave the British ways and be private but they aren’t makes no sense Harry was fine until Megan and she wouldn’t or couldn’t have her way. Wish them both the best but to me she planned this from the start bless you Harry you need it


Why would Prince William and Duchess Kate stay with Harry and Markle? The latter would only use whatever they talked about to make it seem like they were the victims again. What happened to the private lives Harry and MeGain desperately wanted? They are nothing but publicity hounds with chronic victimization complex.


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