United to become first in aviation history to fly aircraft full of passengers using 100% sustainable fuel

Cover picture for the articleUnited today will operate an unprecedented flight that will serve as a turning point in the industry’s effort to combat climate change: for the first time in aviation history, a commercial carrier will fly an aircraft full of passengers using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Also today, United announced the second...

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SAF is 5 TIMES more expensive than traditional aviation fuel. Guess who is going to pay that cost? Or you don't fly. So essentially this will hurt regular and poor people while catering to the elites. Sounds like a pattern with everything these days. Liberals...always looking out for the elites over the common man.


Another misleading headline. How surprising 🙄. They are running 1 engine on this mystery fuel and the other on jet A. Any hiccups, and they'll just turn on the crossfeed valve.

James Bradley

I wonder how the exhaust from this new fuel is going to interact with our atmosphere. how many years of study has happened. then what happens to the trees, water sources and soil when this residue falls to the ground? A point left hanging from this article claims that 500 gallons of this fuel in one engine and 500 gallons of traditional fuel in another somehow demonstrates "proof" of something. what are the metrics? are we just to take what's written as gospel?


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