Gold medalist athlete, 24, dies 2 weeks after contracting Covid

Cover picture for the articleA 24-year-old canoeist who won medals on the world stage and was honored in Ukraine has died just two weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19. The Canoe Federation of Ukraine announced the death of ten-time world and European medalist Bizu Borislav shortly after he tested positive for the coronavirus....

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Downtown Benny Brown

Why do we get national news coverage Everytime someone dies from covid yet the press is mum on the thousands who have died from the vaccine?

Diana Anderson

Conspicuously absent from this article is whether he had the vaccine or not?... In my opinion that is very telling... If he had been unvaccinated the article would have been titled "Unvaccinated Gold Medal Athlete Dies From Covid, While Pleading On His Death Bed For The Vaccine".

Stephen P

Bottom line, sepsis killed this young man - not the Coronavirus per say, but once again the truth is being distorted to advance a narrative about the lethality of the Coronavirus to further impose a pseudo vaccine on the masses. Sorry, still not buying what these sheep and their media bootlickers are trying to sell.


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