Miley Cyrus Reposts One Of Her Most Controversial Photos


11 years ago, in the midst of shedding her former child star, status, Miley Cyrus did something brave. Something most former Disney stars would probably not do. She took to social media to show a photo of herself taking a massive bong hit her boyfriend at the time was fighting for her.

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While that may seem mild compared to the things most celebrities do, for a former Disney star, it was seen as very edgy at the time. And though Cyrus has come into her own since then, it was still a declaration of her independence at the time. A declaration she just decided to repost with an interesting caption.

Here is the infamous photo in question:

But what you’re quick to notice is the new caption she put on this pic. “Can we petition for a national holiday?” While we are sure Cyrus and the millions of others who partake in the use of cannabis would love to see this happen, it is clear this pop diva is just having some fun reminded people of her act of rebellion.

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How the world views cannabis has changed dramatically since Cyrus posted that pic way back in 2010. A large portion of the country has had marijuana decriminalized or outright legalized, and many more states have some form of medical cannabis approved, so she is not posting the pic in a world that has the same feeling towards herb as it did a decade or so ago.

The truth about cannabis is that it does a great deal of good for people suffering from various conditions. It is no longer seen as something that makes people “stupid” or “lazy”. Perhaps Cyrus herself helped with the normalization of marijuana by posting the above picture when she did.

After all, it is not criminals partaking in smoking marijuana. Now millions do, with very little shame associated with it. It helps people, and for that reason alone, people celebrate a picture like this now. Do what you do, as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

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Judging by this pic and people’s reactions to it, times have changed in the best ways possible. Also, shoutout to the person who commented: “Hannah Bongtana” That comment got over 7,000 likes and deserves each one.

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