'You Must Really Hate Trump,' a Furious Donald Trump Said to Bill Barr


Cover picture for the articleIn this daily series, Newsweek explores the steps that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot. On December 1, the dam finally broke. Attorney General William Barr invited Associated Press reporter Mike Balsamo to lunch, telling him on the record that he was breaking with President Donald Trump. "Disputing...

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Globe Hopper

think about it....All these highly educated people in donny boys inner circle and voters have proved one thing...regardless of education background easy it is to brainwash the masses....people willingly and knowingly support failure.

jay p

A PSCHOPATH like TRUMP will ALWAYS blame others and take credit where they can. other humans are just things to use or destroy.

Ronald Frable

First I love how Trump always talks about himself in 3rd person like he's some kind of King. Barr told the truth to A.P and we all know how Trump feels about the truth. Most Presidents want people around them that disagree with them on things but if you disagree with Trump on anything your dead to him. I deserve and we all deserve a lot better then Trump. In Trump's eyes anyone who's not wealthy is beneath him.


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