Child Tax Credit 2021 Update: December Payment Deadline For $3,600 Check As Surprise Cash

Cover picture for the articleThere is only one child tax credit payment left in 2021. The parents had a choice to remove their names from the list of beneficiaries before November 29, which would have increased the child tax credit amount for 2022. The payments began in July this year and will continue till December....

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Nichola Sweet

this article makes no sense!! who wrote this! terrible writing nobody got 9,000 a kid and no both parents dont get 300 a kid lol I had a baby in 2020 and 2021, my kids father got 300 for one kid every month but last month for some reason! and even though our 2020 baby we got the first 2 stimulus payments for her on his taxs we still haven't got the 1400 for her! and they still haven't updated the portal to add my 2021 baby!! and out November payment the one month we really needed we didn't even get and the irs site still says my daughter either doesn't qualify or payment hasn't been processed for her 1400 which we got our taxs back in like may!

Lorrie Tolito

Well I really think it sucks more daughter turned 18 in June and she graduates in May of 2022. I had surgery on my foot in October and I get $335.00 short term disability every 2 weeks and that isn’t enough for anything. I pay my bills I have no money for Christmas I haven’t bought anything. I can’t!

Ashley Parker

I got 2 payments overall I had no choice to stay home there isn't enough daycare programs and they want you to pay more than you make a hr how am I ever supposed to make it like this


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