With the Colts 1st Round Pick Gone, Was the Carson Wentz Trade Worth It?

Cover picture for the articleIndianapolis – When the Colts traded for Carson Wentz and the terms of the deal became public, Colts fans scrambled to do some math. Approximately how many snaps was 75% of the season? That was the magic number that would turn the Colts conditional 2nd round pick into a 1st round...

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Ray Hilbert

said it the day they traded for him and even more convinced now. heck yes he was worth a 1st rounder. many 1st rounders are busts and give this guy time and a little more talent at wide receiver and Colts will get 5 to 8 years of top value. he has only made a couple really bad throws/ plays. it was not him who cost the game against Baltimore or Tampa. if the defense holds a 16 point lead against the Ravens and eliminate the three fumbles against the Bucs and this team is 8-4 and squarely in the hunt.


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