Judge slaps nationwide freeze on healthcare worker COVID vax mandate


Cover picture for the articleA Louisiana federal judge on Tuesday granted a preliminary injunction against the Biden administration’s mandate that says all healthcare workers involved in the Medicare or Medicaid programs must be vaccinated against COVID-19. The ruling is a relief to nursing home operators who fear that staffing shortages could worsen if...

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Easily done! It's unconstitutional. These are methods of coercion which is illegal. I'm sure many people are regretting that they got duped by the corrupt leadership whether the Fauci gang or the POTUS gang. Did anyone question why the white house, the white house staff and the elected officials in Congress were exempt from mandates?? Because they knew they could coral the sheep, unfortunately, we don't have a lot of fight in us like our fore fathers did. My hubby was willing to get fired from his very high paying job after 11 years as to not accept the mandate. Our reasons are religious, freedom and natural immunity. I highly respect all of you who have rejected these mandates and stayed strong! I have zero respect for the sheep who complied. Those who took it initially because they truly believed the false narrative that it was almost 100% effective and they did want to save grandma and grandpa? I applaud them for biting the bullet. They did it because they had a huge hea

Harry Mayhugh

with 86.4% of nursing home health care workers vaccinated I ate to see what's going to happen in the next 2 to5 years what all those healthcare workers start dropping like flies from the lethal injection it won't be nobody to take care of the elderly very sad

Sarah Laprade

we won the battle but not the war...hopefully they will see that more covid vaccinated are dying..or is that what they want


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