Former Bulls Center Bill Wennington Comments On Scottie Pippen-Michael Jordan Drama: "I Didn't See It Back Then... He Did A Great Job Of Hiding It..."

Cover picture for the articleThe Chicago Bulls had an extremely successful dynasty during the 1990s, powered by star duo Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They won 6 championships together, and there's no doubt that the on-court partnership was a success. Despite their achievements on the court, Scottie Pippen has blasted Michael Jordan multiple...

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Dawon Hatchett

Spoken like a true professional who was there through it all!! Don't hate the player, hate the game! Mike played and Mike won!!! Scottie did too! Along with Mike and he had the opportunity to win one without Mike! Unfortunately, it didn't happen to cement his legacy even more! He's been very contradicting and is tarnishing his legacy every time he opens his mouth about Mike and the good ole days! He needs to shut up like now, real fast?? He is top notch, a boss, a legend enough said!!!

Greccy johnson

Scottie needs to be quiet...but he is tired of not getting his own props which are supremely deserved... and for the dumbasses who diss him always remember that Jordan NEVER won a ring without PIPPEN either!!! and never would have.


It’s not great for pippen to say one is selfish when he refused to go in the game if he wasn’t shooting. That just shows they have similar mindsets.


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