Amber Portwood Storms Off ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion & Calls Ex Gary Shirley ‘Garbage’

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Amber Portwood lashed out during the Nov. 30 ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion, when she learned ex Gary Shirley was keeping a secret from her.

Yikes! The Teen Mom OG reunion special ended on a dramatic note on Nov. 30, when Gary Shirley dropped a bomb on ex Amber Portwood, as they were both speaking to Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew had asked Gary if he’d be open to his daughter, Leah, seeking therapy, and he said she already was. “You probably didn’t know this,” Gary told Amber before she turned away from him in anger.

Clearly, Amber appeared to be upset by the fact that she didn’t know this information, but Gary said Leah asked him to keep a secret. He then admitted that she gave him “permission” to share the news during the reunion, which Amber thought seemed odd.

“It’d good [news] if I knew about it,” Amber said after Dr. Drew tried saying it was a good thing. He also said that Leah might invite Amber to join her in therapy one day, and Amber said, “I hope that one day when she feels comfortable, that happens.”

Amber then reiterated that she had no idea about Leah seeking therapy, to which Gary said that she didn’t want anyone knowing. “I have supported that” because it’s her “safe spot”, he said. “They’re working on different things that can help the communication start between her mom and her.”

Gary then revealed that Leah had met with her therapist 10 times already, and Amber got even more upset. “Here’s the thing — I’m the mother. I need to understand what Leah is going through, so I believe that the communication should be there for that. I also think that Leah is a child — she is not an adult. I am her mother”, she said, while explaining that she should know what’s going on with their daughter.

Gary said he didn’t want to break Leah’s trust in him, but Amber said that wouldn’t be an example of “breaking trust”. Gary also said that he just wanted to let Amber know once Leah gave him permission to do so, but Amber felt he had ulterior motives. “Thank you for letting me know on the stage here,” she said, while hinting that Gary only performs for the camera.

“I don’t need a camera in front of my face for me to know something,” Amber said. “[This] has been going on for years. Every time that I find out something is in front of a camera.”

Things quickly escalated and Gary and Amber were left arguing with each other before she stood up and stormed off stage. “Everything he does is for television,” she said before taking back a first-class ticket she bought him for a flight home. She also made him admit on camera that he’s living off of her money before calling him “garbage” and walking off set.

She also lashed out at Gary’s wife Kristina for “keeping secrets” from her before the episode ended with a “to be continued…”

Want more drama? Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion airs next Tuesday, Dec. 7, at 8pm on MTV.

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Karen Corsello

It definitely looks like Gary and his wife are doing a awesome job with Leah. She seems like she's a good student , has friends , loves to help out at home. Her agreeing to go to therapy is terrific. Amber has to realize that your child has to be able to trust their parents. So if your child/children ask you to do something for them and you do it. That's trust which when they give you permission to tell the other parent that's better. Bc Leah didn't get a phone call from mom asking alot of questions about her therapy. She now knows she can trust her dad whenever she needs to sit down and have conversations.


She shouldn’t even be on the show anymore. She punched Gary on tv and then got another domestic violence charge against the other baby dad. Her drug use and lack of being a parent are hard to watch. She is a mess. The moment she started blaming Leah this season was it for me. Gary and christina have done a wonderful job. Amber is the only garbage that exists in this situation!

Jennifer Pinell

if amber was any good at being her mother she would have e already known thus information she want to be a mother when it is convenient for her but sorry that is not how it works she gets mad every reunion and storms off bc she does not like the truth news alert amber parenting is 24 /7 you can not chose when you feel like dealing with things it is called life


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