Video shows semi-truck dragging vehicle on I-294 with driver still inside

WGN News
WGN News

COOK COUNTY, Ill. — A vehicle was dragged on the Tri-State Tollway Tuesday by a semi-truck and it was caught on camera.

Video shows, obtained by WGN News, a black sedan, which is stuck sideways, being dragged on the right side of a semi-truck.

Police responded to the incident just after 11:40 a.m. near mile marker 30 on I-294.

Halfway through the video, you can see the driver wave.

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Illinois State Police said no injuries were reported. Two lanes were closed for around 15 minutes as police investigated.

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That's just ridiculous the driver knew he was there I have been a cdl driver for a long time this assclown should never be able to get behind the wheel of a truck again.


I've noticed more and more semi drivers lately driving terrible on the road. I will and do call the number everytime.. They cut vehicles off with no care. One time I had to literally go off to the side because this semi was not paying attention and went into my lane.. Is it lack of training? Are we so desperate for drivers we are just hiring anyone? I'm not quite sure but in this case there is zero reason this semi didn't see this vehicle in his mirrors. Whether it was the cars fault or not. Any normal person would have STOPPED! I swear this world is filled with more and more evil and laziness everyday. I pray for change and for people to get right with our lord.

Tamara Benney

There is no way that trucker didn't see that car through his mirror. Why didn't someone pull along side and get his attention, call the police or something. WTH!!!!


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