Alice Sebold apologizes to man wrongfully convicted for her rape: 'I will forever be sorry'

Cover picture for the articleAuthor Alice Sebold has apologized to Anthony Broadwater, the man who was convicted of the rape at the center of her memoir Lucky in 1982, and who was exonerated of the crime last week. Broadwater served 16 years in prison after he was found guilty of raping Sebold when...

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Eric Burns

NO !! YOUR SORRY YOU GOT CAUGHT!!! White folks have always done the mental and physical assault on people of color!! But where the criminals!! Just sad and pathetic!! Plus the really sad part is when white supremacy America see's the tables start to move , here they go with an all out LIE and smere campaign turning up the heat on the already lies and misconception

Rick H

I'd tell her to stuff her apologies and sue for every penny she ever earned from her book ( which now appears to be at least partially fictional).

Richard Hernandez

Please ppl he was black that good enough to lock him up. Yet these ppl who attempted a cue get 30 days in jail why? you got it they are white.


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