Cowboys Player’s Wife Announces He’s Out For Season

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A Dallas Cowboys player’s wife took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to announce her husband’s injury diagnosis. Kate Urban, the wife of Cowboys defensive lineman Brent Urban, announced on Tuesday that Brent is out for the season. The Cowboys defensive player underwent season-ending tricep surgery. He’ll continue to be...

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marco pendarvis

Hang in there Brent. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. Don't let this get you down because it was in God's plan for this to happen and He is NEVER wrong. Use this time of healing as a Blessing that's going to make you a stronger person physically and spiritually. Don't look at this as a set back, but a stepping stone towards your future. You can handle this little set back in life because through the Grace of God you're going to be just fine. May God continue to Bless you and your family.

James Rinaldi

sorry he's hurt. I never want to see it and I'm a redskins fan. excuse me. Washington football team


his wife announces it? was he too hurt? or what about the coaching staff. is she going to announce his return as well? tell us more.


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