Photos show MrBeast's YouTube 'Squid Game' sets compared with the original Netflix series

  • MrBeast recreated the sets and games from Netflix and Hwang Dong-hyuk's series "Squid Game."
  • The video shows players competing in non-deadly versions of the games from the show for cash.
  • Here are all of the sets the video recreated compared with their original versions in the show.

YouTuber MrBeast's "Squid Game" recreation video is one of his most-watched of all time.
MrBeast's costume in the video (left) referenced the Front Man character from the series (right). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

MrBeast released a 25-minute video on Wednesday recreating the competition from the Netflix original series "Squid Game," which the platform said was its most-watched show of all time.

The YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has over 82 million subscribers and is known for his elaborate — and frequently expensive — stunt and philanthropy-style videos. His newest production, titled "$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life," builds on the massive popularity of the series that was written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. In the days since its release, Donaldson's video has become one of his most-watched of all time, amassing over 123 million views in under a week.

The original Netflix series follows a set of players as they compete in deadly children's games, with survivors gunning for a 45.6 million won (about $38.4 million USD) prize.

Donaldson's video recreates most of the games and sets from the original series, ranging from the field where contestants play 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (mugunghwa kochi pieotseumnida), a Korean game similar to "red light, green light," to a glass bridge where players must determine which panes of glass will break and cause them to tumble to their deaths. It cost approximately $3.5 million to produce, Donaldson said on Twitter, and was partially funded by the mobile game Brawl Stars, Insider previously reported.

These are all of the sets from the Netflix series that MrBeast's video recreated, compared to the original.

The first set in the MrBeast video replicates the dirt field where contestants play a Korean game similar to "red light, green light" in the show.
MrBeast's "red light, green light" set (top); The set for the game in the show (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

The MrBeast set also recreated the giant, now-iconic doll that calls out the game commands in the series.
The animatronic girl in MrBeast's video (left); The animatronic girl in "Squid Game" (right). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

The next set recreated the towering bunk bed dormitory from the show.
MrBeast's recreation of the "Squid Game" dormitory (top); The dormitory in the Netflix series (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

The plastic money pit from the MrBeast video wasn't gold like in the show and was instead emblazoned with the name of the mobile game Brawl Stars, which Donaldson said partially funded the video.
The video included promotions for the mobile game Brawl Stars. MrBeast/YouTube

The YouTube video also recreated the playground set from the show, in which the characters attempt to cut shapes out of sugar candy that the English translations of the series refer to as "dalgona" (another name for the sweet) or "sugar honeycomb," as MrBeast's video refers to it.
MrBeast's recreation of the playground set (top); The playground set from Netflix's "Squid Game" (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

The tug-of-war set from the series is a bit safer in the MrBeast version than it is in the real series: instead of losers falling off a platform, they merely tumble into a foam pit.
The tug-of-war scaffolding set from the MrBeast video (top); The tug-of-war set from the Netflix series (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

MrBeast's recreation of the indoor town set from the series' sixth episode, but on a slightly smaller scale than in the original episode.
The town set from MrBeast's recreation (top) and the town set from Netflix's "Squid Game" (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

MrBeast's recreation of the glass bridge from "Squid Game," shown on top, featured a foam pit to prevent contestants from plummeting to their deaths. It also featured a large poster for the mobile game Brawl Stars.
The glass bridge set in MrBeast's "Squid Game" video (top) and the glass bridge set in Netflix's "Squid Game." MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

MrBeast's video recreated the triangular dining table, albeit on a smaller and less extravagant scale, from the penultimate episode of "Squid Game," placed in the room that was originally a dormitory.
The triangular dining table in MrBeast's video (top); The triangular dining table in Netflix's "Squid Game" (bottom). MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

Although MrBeast switched out musical chairs for the final game of the show in the series, the eponymous "squid game," the video recreated the set and game pattern on the dirt ground.
Donaldson and contestants in the final game of his "Squid Game in Real Life" video (top) and Gi-hun and Sang-woo in the final game of Netflix's "Squid Game." MrBeast/YouTube; Netflix

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